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Help for Abacin Classifieds

1. Are there any charges or fees?

2. Can I add images in my ads?

3. Can I use HTML to customize my ads?

4. How can I edit my ads?

5. How can I post a featured ad?

6. How can I track my ads?

7. How can my ad be a selected ad listed in the frontpage of Abacin Classifieds?

8. How do I find an item?

9. How do I post a new ad?

10. How do I write the title for my ad?

11. How long will my ad run?

12. How to fill ad location?

13. How will my ad receive free advertising through Abacin marketing budget?

14. Rules and Guidelines regarding placing classified ads

15. What can I sell or post?

Can I add images in my ads?


To place a photo image, please store image files online for free first and copy the image URL to the field "External Photo Link" during posting process. All photos here will be resized to 120 90 pixels.

Ads with photos will have a chance to be listed in the Classifieds Frontpage. It is strongly recommended to have a photo link for your ad to increase exposure.

You can further enhance your ad by more images using HTML codes in the ad body. To include an image, use the image tag:

1  <IMG src="image file url" width="image width" height="image height" > 

There is no limitation on the image size and the number of images per ad in the ad description area.