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Help for Abacin Classifieds

1. Are there any charges or fees?

2. Can I add images in my ads?

3. Can I use HTML to customize my ads?

4. How can I edit my ads?

5. How can I post a featured ad?

6. How can I track my ads?

7. How can my ad be a selected ad listed in the frontpage of Abacin Classifieds?

8. How do I find an item?

9. How do I post a new ad?

10. How do I write the title for my ad?

11. How long will my ad run?

12. How to fill ad location?

13. How will my ad receive free advertising through Abacin marketing budget?

14. Rules and Guidelines regarding placing classified ads

15. What can I sell or post?

How do I write the title for my ad?


When you write the title of your ads, it is very important for you to keep the following points in your mind to maximize your marketing efforts.

1.Avoid the Spam

Please make sure that the content of the title can be connected to the category requirements. Otherwise, your ads can easily be treated as being placed in a wrong category. Abacin's spam control robot may treat it as a spam and delete it automatically.

2.State information clearly. Include prices if possible

Most visitors will take a look at the listing of ads before they decide to view the full ad. Although Abacin Classifieds provide a short description with the ad listing, the ad title clearly plays a much more important role. Try to make your ad title as attractive as possible.

3.Optimize the title for search engine indexing

Every ad in Abacin Classifieds is on a full single page and will be indexed in search engines separately. To get a better ranking on the search engine results page (SERP), we include the ad title in the static descriptive URL link submitted to search engines. For example, the ad titled "Real Estate Foreclosure" has a URL link in search engines like this:

To optimize your ad in search engines, it is very important to include right keywords in your ad title. Since a long URL link is not optimized for search engines, we limit the length of an ad title to be 60 words. To find the right keywords, you can use the Keyword Tool.