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Help for Abacin Classifieds

1. Are there any charges or fees?

2. Can I add images in my ads?

3. Can I use HTML to customize my ads?

4. How can I edit my ads?

5. How can I post a featured ad?

6. How can I track my ads?

7. How can my ad be a selected ad listed in the frontpage of Abacin Classifieds?

8. How do I find an item?

9. How do I post a new ad?

10. How do I write the title for my ad?

11. How long will my ad run?

12. How to fill ad location?

13. How will my ad receive free advertising through Abacin marketing budget?

14. Rules and Guidelines regarding placing classified ads

15. What can I sell or post?

Rules and Guidelines regarding placing classified ads


To place a new ad, please select a suitable category from the frontpage first. Try to select a specific category if possible, so that your ad will be listed not only this category, but also its root category. Please be reminded that after placing your ad, you still can modify the title, description and other information, but you cannot change the category.
Tips for Writing a Classified Ad

Use HTML format to enhance ads!
Abacin Classifieds fully supports HTML format in the ad description area. You may enhance your ads with images, videos and highlighted texts by using HTML codes.
If you are new to HTML, click here to learn simple rules in five minutes.

Track your ads with detailed traffic reports!
Abacin Classifieds not only counts the total views of your ads, but also
records all the IP addresses of the visitors to your ads. This way, you can find out the Geo Location of your visitors.

Optimize your ads in search engines!
Write the ad title including right keywords. The title will be included in the URL associated with the ad page.
You can check the indexing status of your ads at the bottom of your ad.

Keep your ads updated!
Update your ads as frequently as possible. Ads are listed according to the latest update time.
We only promote ads added/updated within 30 days. Frequent update will not only ensure that your ad not being deleted, but also push your ad to the top of the category and in Latest Ads section for more exposure. To increase the listing period, you can apply Abacin Points as well. You can always earn more points by viewing fellow members' ads or referring new members.

Utilize the bookmarking and rss feed function!
Social bookmark your ad on Digg, Stumbleupon, Technorati and as many others as you can. There's a spot that says "Bookmark/share your ad" at the bottom of each listing page, you can share your ad via those links to make the task easier. Besides, you can also subscribe ad to RSS search engines and readers. This will help getting visitors to your ad much faster!

If you have any questions,
please check the Help Center ,
or leave a message in the support room of Abacin Forum.